Brief overview of our ministry vision here!

Thank you and God bless you in Jesus Name for visiting this site. I am Pastor Johnny Smith from Douglas, Georgia in the United States. Along with my wife, Sister Jennifer Smith, we Pastor a Church called The Cross of Christ Victory Center, which God has blessed with several out outreach ministries, this site being one of them along with radio ministry,  jail ministry, faith based recovery ministry, nursing home ministry,  youth and children’s ministry, music ministry, Facebook and Twitter ministry, van ministry, etc. We are so thankful for the various Minister’s and people’s  that have came on board with us and work along side of and under us to preach, publish, promote and push this gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, as Christ commands us, His Body, the church to do, Matthew 28:18-20. We are diligently moving forward, striving as a church family to get our media ministries to the next level, which will take a little time, as we research and study and do this and that to learn how to. We will soon have our social media sites receiving three live services each week,  with a more professional look and feel than what we currently have, and afterwards will get our mini-book ministry up and running, as God has called and anointed me as a Pastor, Teacher and a Authour as well. I have previously accomplished the needed research to make the books, have materials in hand to do so,  and the knowledge of God and His word burning within my heart and soul to do it. Unfortunately time has not allowed me just yet. My wife and I having  5 kids, 3 ours plus our 2 precious nieces and Pastoring the church, time these days isn’t something I have much of. But nonetheless as we continue to push forward and continue to be able to train and delegate various ministry works out, we are greatly anticipating to be able to minister God’s Word and Manifest Spirit into your lives, on a deeper level as well.  We pray for you all, have been for months,  and will ever continue to. Please remember us as well. And I thank you all, for your confidence, in the call of God upon this Church  and various outreaches. Please help us pray for Pastor’s and congregations around the world with us I do ask. Especially those that are being persecuted and discriminated against for their faith in Jesus Christ. I am beginning an online teaching series this week to a congregation and precious Pastor in Pakistan, who will be translating, please remember these and this in your prayers,as well.  Until next time we greet, in Jesus Name, be blessed. Pastor Johnny

About johnnyandjennifersmith

I am the Pastor of The Cross of Christ Victory Center, and our goal is to reach as many people as possible with the hope of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ!!!
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